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Level Up Detailing is a professional detailing company based in Lexington, NC. We have been providing our services to Lexington and the surrounding areas for years. Our experienced staff has over 10 years of experience with ceramic coating and car detailing Lexington NC. Our excellent track record with making vehicles look new again is unmatched and we guarantee a stress-free auto detailing Lexington NC experience from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, fill out an estimate request, or book a detail right from our site. We are Lexington’s go-to detailing and ceramic coating provider. We look forward to serving you!

Our company is proud to offer a wide range of services to get your vehicle back to showroom quality, or better! We can get your vehicle looking its best with our car detailing service, or you can get the ultimate protection with our ceramic coating Lexington NC installation service. Whether you have a daily driver or luxury ride, we have the solution for you. We tend to all kinds of makes and models, and pride ourselves on being a top-rated detailing provider in the area. Get premium car detailing and ceramic coating service from us today.

The Best Ceramic Coating Lexington NC

One of the questions that people have is what ceramic coating Lexington NC is and why people should apply it to their vehicles. The short answer is that ceramic coating is the best way for a person to protect their vehicle inside and out. Ceramic coatings are unlike paint protection from wax and polymer sealants. Ceramic coatings can withstand high heat and abrasions, giving your vehicle the protection it needs all year long.

On the other end of the spectrum, ceramic coatings provide a durable hydrophobic layer so the vehicle can receive protection from water and corrosive elements. Ceramic coatings are an excellent solution when it comes to protecting your investment. It can be applied to various layers such as painted surfaces, metal, glass, and plastic. Ceramic coating will be used to guard both your exterior and interior for years when applied correctly.

When you are looking for ceramic coating Lexington NC service, you should ensure that you get it from a reliable company. We are the go-to team for ceramic coating applications. We are an authorized installer and that means that we will give you the service that you expect and deserve. There are several benefits to having a ceramic coating such as increased hardness to your paint, additional depth of color, and an enhanced gloss and shine. All that is a bonus to the protection that you will get from our ceramic coating service, so do not hesitate to have it done. Ceramic coatings give your vehicle the protection that it needs and the peace of mind you deserve when driving around. Contact us today for the best results.

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Premier Auto Detailing Lexington NC

The best auto detailing Lexington NC service can be found at Level Up Detailing. It is a fantastic way to make your vehicle look better than ever before. Whether your vehicle is old, exotic, or a sports car, auto detailing Lexington NC is a service that you will come to appreciate once done. Auto detailing Lexington NC services are comprised of an exterior wash, claying, polishing,  and interior cleaning; and tire cleaning and treatments. Those whose vehicles have a problem with the paint can get paint correction as an add-on car detailing service as well. Auto detailing Lexington NC is what you need to have your car looking its best. We all want to have our vehicles looking fantastic and the best way to get it done is through our auto detailing Lexington NC service.

Level Up Detailing is the team that you can rely on for auto detailing Lexington NC service. The service can take about four to five-hours and in that time, we will transform your vehicle. No matter what shape your vehicle is in, you can trust us to do a great job. We are a team of professionals and we know all the dos and don’ts of auto detailing Lexington NC. We work fast and diligently to ensure that you are enjoying the new vehicle feeling in no time. We have a wide range of detailing services and we work closely with our clients to ensure that you are getting the results that you expect. Choose an auto detailing Lexington NC for your vehicle and book with us today!

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Auto Detailing Lexington NC

Professional Car Detailing
& Ceramic Coatings

There are many reasons to choose a professional auto detailing Lexington NC and ceramic coating service for your vehicle.

  • The average price of vehicles continues to increase each year, which equals a larger investment for you. Professional auto detailing Lexington NC not only makes your vehicle look amazing but also provides vehicle protection of the exterior and interior from the elements and daily wear and tear. If a vehicle is left unprotected it will eventually lead to irreversible damage to your investment.
  • A car interior cleaning equals less dirt, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria and mold you are touching and breathing in.
  • A clean vehicle is also a clean slate for the mind. Most people feel much better and focused in a clean environment vs a dirty one. We all enjoy the feel, smell, and sight of a clean vehicle.
  • A detailed vehicle is also a safer one. Things such as dirty windows, hazy headlights, soiled pedals & carpet all lead to unsafe scenarios especially at night or in poor weather.

You can also visit our wash and coat, windshield protection, and window tint pages for more details.

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