✅ Is the person or business you are having work on your vehicle insured?

We are fully insured with State Farm Insurance, your vehicle is always covered while being operated by and/or in our possession. 

✅ How much experience do they have?

Our teams has over 10 years experience in paint correction, protective coatings, and auto detailing. 

✅ Are they even authorized by a reputable pro-grade manufacturer as an installer

We are currently authorized installers for Owners Pride, UnderDog, and continually approached by many other coating and PPF manufacturers looking to partner with top tier automotive protection and detailing shops. We also currently partner with premium manufactures such as Rupes, Sonax, Menzerna, Griot Boss, Lake Country, Meguiar’s Pro-Detailer line, Dewalt, 3D Products, Flex, Superior Products, Adams, 3M, and many more. 

✅Do they offer any warranties? 

Yes we do up to 7 years.

✅Who is the warranty through? 

A third party administrator designated by the manufacturer Owner’s Pride and compliant under federal, state, and regulatory bodies

✅Where can you get service? 

With us or at any of the hundreds of Owner’s Pride authorized installer around the country and Canada. 

✅What happens if they go out of business or the coating manufacturer goes out of business? 

Nothing, you can easily find the next nearest Owner’s Pride installers. Again also nothing, even if Owner’s Pride went out of business you still have a third party administer and the following 7YR $5,000/5YR $3,500/3YR $2,500 aggregate warranty to cover you the entire term of the warranty. But I wouldn’t worry too much Owner’s Pride is taking over nationally as a premier coating, PPF, and automotive protective supply manufacturer and we keep growing everyday with the support of our customers and community!

✅Do you have to perform any continued services to maintain the warranty?

No, Owner’s Pride offers a true compliant and legal warranty, you cannot stipulate that a customer has to pay for further maintenance or perform special services like booster sprays to remain in compliance with a warranty. Owner’s Pride is the only manufacturer with a true compliant warranty with no strings attached! 

✅ How’s their reviews? Do they have any…how many? Are they positive? Are they about having a coating applied?

Right now we currently have 68 combined google/Facebook reviews with an average rating of 5 stars!! We are one of the highest rated coating installer in NC. We love our customers and they love spreading the message for us. Our current business is 90% ceramic coating, 10% detailing customers.  

✅ Are they a legal business entity registered with the state?

Yes, we are legally registered as an LLC with the NC Secretary of State.